Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bohemian Braids - How To

I tried out the Bohemian braids tied back in a low bun. I think it came out cute. Particularly for my first time. If you know how to do a french braid, you should be able to do the Bohemian braids pretty easily. This is how I did it:

1. Start by parting your hair in the middle about 1 1/2" into your hair.
2. Starting with a little triangle shape at the front of one side, start braiding and follow along the top/side of your head.
3. Pick up hair as you go but leave a sort of mohawk strip that starts behind the 1 1/2 inch partition you made in step 1. That loose hair will keep there from being any partition between the two braids.
4. Keep braiding till you reach the bottom of your hair and actually keep the braid going off your head for about 2 inches and hold it temporarily with a hair tie.
5. Do the same on the other side.
6. Take off the hair tie and join the two braids over the brushed back, loose hair in the middle.
7. Twist the loose hair and the two braids into a low bun and...tie it up!